About the Class:

"The students and I have a lot of fun because
we are not your usual tension-filled ballet class.  
​They work very hard on correct technique but
the pressure is off as far as doing it to be a dancer.  
These are not beginning ballet classes.
These classes are designed for people who
took ballet years ago and wanted to
come back to the exercise and beauty of the art.  
Everyone in class has had an injury or has
a physical problem so the exercises are
geared to the limits of each person,
meaning, it’s okay to not be able to do something l
ike you used to be able to do.  
There is much 
laughter and love in class....
​we are all friends."


for Every Body

Tuesday & Thursday   ~   9:00 – 10:30 a.m.


Dance, Yoga, & Fitness

Make-Up Class Policy for Missed Classes:

For Option 1: 
No make-up class available unless a class is
cancelled and rescheduled.

For Option 2:
Make up a missed class in either of the two weekly classes.

Session Rates:

Option 1: 

2 classes per week

$9.00 per class/per student

Payable first week of each session

Option 2:

1 class per week

$10.00 per class/per student

Payable first week of each session

Option 3:

Drop-in to any class, anytime.

$15.00 due at time of class

Class Fees are non-refundable and
​payment is 
due in full at time of 

first class of the session. ​​


There will be no recital or demonstration performance. 
Feel free to email me at dcarverballet@bellsouth.net
See you in class!

Donna Carver

No classes during Spring Break March 14-16

​or during Summer Break June 27-29, or on July 4th