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I'm excited to say that I have now been a practicing Nia instructor for 11 years. That's eleven years of joy, sweat, laughter, music, and most of all community. I began my journey soon after relocating to the USA from the UK (I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa) and within six years I had achieved my black belt and 52 Moves certifications.

I was blessed to be one of the founding members of the now thriving Nia New Jersey community. By the time I left the garden state we had grown from a handful of teachers to over 70, with classes all over the state every day of the week.  

I love what I do. Nia is a somatic practice that anyone can participate in, from super fit athletes to individuals healing injuries, to kids and seniors. I’ve had the pleasure of having three generations of the same family joining me for weekly classes! Students love the fact that they leave class feeling uplifted, energized, and excited about finding joy and fun in a fitness practice.

I qualified as a high school Art and Art History teacher which is something I still pursue along with my Nia practice. I have also helped raise two amazing boys who are both at college and I currently live in Nashville with my husband, my dog and my cat.

Nia has guided me in finding a loving relationship with my body no matter how I show up on any given day. My Nia tools allow me joy, grace, strength, and a little goofiness every day. 

I hope you can join me for a class soon and discover why it has kept me coming back for over 11 years. 

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