Competition Dance studio got you down?

Want to dance in college or musical theater, not the Nutcracker?

Desire an understanding of ballet technique and the vocabulary of dance, 
but not the rigorous time commitment required to become a prima ballerina?

Desire artistry in your life while you keep your body moving?

Are you a novice with little or no experience, but are eager to learn?
Are you serious about moving forward, with a lot of recent experience?
Have you been there, done that, burned out, and now you miss it?

Want to be able to move and create choreography when you hear your favorite music?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we have the solution!

Second Story Studio has been offering this type of dance training and more for ten years.
Training a body to dance is training a body for LIFE!

Second Story Studio offers a variety of options for dancers ages 4 and up in Belle Meade, and the faculty and guest teachers here have more than 75 years of combined experience performing and teaching dance.

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The faculty, guest teachers, and choreographers for Second Story dancers have inspired and nurtured several generations of dancers to love and excel in the art of dance.

We often bring in new teachers and choreographers to teach the latest trends and tricks, but we hold traditional Modern Dance and Ballet training as our foundation. As Second Story dancers grow with us, they may explore Improvisation, Jazz, Tap, Flamenco, Hip Hop, Lyrical, and Contemporary - all comprising the broad landscape of current American Musical Theater. 

A true dance education brings together many elements that build coordination, balance, flexibility, musicality, presence, awareness, stamina, self-confidence and much more. We strive to help our students maximize their potential.  

We focus on the proper use of the body while developing artistry and self-expression, poise, performing and choreographic skills. We believe our first course of action is to carefully nurture and guide our students, so that they love dance, and love themselves dancing. People typically don’t excel at things they don't love, and we want our students to excel.

We offer the discipline of dance while offering a comfortable, supportive atmosphere and a variety of classes and levels.

Our programs are for the student's enjoyment but we are also here to grow actual dancers.
MANY of our students have emerged with the skills to claim themselves as truly dancers, not just students, and choreographers, not just dancers. 
Many of our students have gone on to perform in university and commercial dance programs, community and professional theater, and some have gone on to become teachers themselves. 

As we begin our second decade at Second Story Studio, we invite you to attend a few classes and let's see if we're a good fit for each other. 

To read some student Testimonials, click on the link above. 

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