First tuition payments and registration fees are due by Registration Saturday or the first class of the second week. Amounts are due as written on your tuition form.

Use the traffic lights at Heady or Page Road. to come through the service road behind Belle Meade Post Office and Sportsman's Grille to our parking lot. See directions here

Students should always wear a cover up to and from class. Be sure to not wear dance shoes outside as it will damage the shoes and can bring hazardous materials onto our dance floor, such as gravel, oil, glass shards, etc.

Do your best to arrive a few minutes early, allowing for time to dress, fix hair and use the restroom. 

Beginning the class together is important and the first exercises are built on throughout the class.

Students should have a light, healthy snack before class and bring a water bottle with them. If they are staying for several classes they should eat a healthy meal and also bring a light healthy snack and a water bottle. 

Only beverages with lids are permitted in the studio. Only water bottles are allowed in the classroom.

Students should always use the restroom before class begins. 

Dancers under 8 years of age must be supervised by an adult until class time. 
Dancers ages 3 & 4 must have a parent remain present in the lobby while they are in class. 
Dancers ages 5 & up may be left at the studio during their class time without a parent waiting.

Students should remain in the lobby until invited into the dance space by the teacher, and should wait for dismissal of class before exiting the classroom. Students should remain in the lobby until class begins. Students ARE NOT permitted to wait outside the building for rides or classes as a safety measure. 

The ballet barres are designed and installed to assist students with balance and stretching and may not be used by siblings or visitors. They resemble monkey barres and young children are understandably attracted to them.  It is not a safe situation for toddlers and I am not always there to protect little brothers and sisters. Our students are given strict warnings about the use of the barres by teachers, so please extend that to siblings who may enter the room for observation days, etc.

~Absences & Late Arrivals ~

If the student is late and has missed warm up, it will be at the teacher’s discretion as to whether or not it is safe for them to participate in the class.

Classes are fun but they are continually progressing. Absences are ONLY allowed for family emergencies and illness. Being "too tired" is not a reason to miss class. Students gain from watching, so your child may plan to do that, unless of course you think they are contagious. In my experience, the children are usually very resilient and come back to life once we get started. 

Absences may be made up in another classes. PLEASE ASK which ones are best.


Only students and the teacher are allowed in the classroom during class time.

Parents should not open the studio door during class or stand in the doorways if doors are open.

Parents are asked to drop students off in order to keep our small lobby clear. It can get quite cramped inside. 

For safety reasons, no one is allowed in the studio room between classes. Please prevent children from entering the studio to play. 

A Letter From Ms. Marci on Class Observation:

Dear Families and Friends,

 We appreciate your interest in the dancers. However this is our special time together. Parents, friends and siblings must stay quietly in the waiting area or, preferably, outside the building as our small lobby gets cramped quite quickly. 

The students are here to learn new skills. We work through awkwardness and confusion by trial and error. We think it’s safe to say that few of us want to feel as though we are on display while trying to learn something new. Our goal is to create a safe place for the dancers to express themselves, make mistakes, and develop an easy receptivity to corrections.

The dancers look forward to having an audience and will work harder to prepare for sharing with you if it is perceived as a special event, such as our spring concert. This motivation is tremendous. Encourage students to perform special “private dance concerts” at home when they can choose what they are comfortable and confident enough to share. 

There will be a public performance opportunity at the end of the school year which we encourage and recommend all the students take part in. 

Thank you for your trust and for understanding our process.

Marci Murphree & Staff​


Children may be instructed to watch for you to pull into a parking space before going outside but will not be allowed to go down the stairs until you arrive. Please give your child specific instructions as the teacher may be attending to other students.

We've been asked not to block the driveway by the chiropractor's office on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Students under 18 should not leave the building with other students who drive unless the driver’s name is included on the registration waiver.


We do not go by Metro Schools cancellation policy, but no chances will be taken with regard to ice or flooding.
Check our website or Facebook to view any cancellations. You may also receive a cancellation email.

Each teacher will determine if their class will meet. If the information is not available on the website or Facebook, please call 516-7745 or 952-2968. 

During severe weather, an adult will monitor the news on the studio’s TV. If advised, we will take students downstairs for safety.

Providing me with the best phone numbers to reach you is very helpful in case of these and other emergencies that may result in cancellation. Make sure I have an updated registration form for you. If you have an email address- please include it on your registration form.


Students will be placed in a class that best serves all students. Factors other than age and previous dance training are taken into consideration. An assessment of each child's physical, social, and attention attributes, as well as specific skills required at each level will be determined before or during the first two weeks of attendance.  In a small private studio, such as Second Story, it is normal for the majority of a class to advance together. 

Changes will be made if it becomes obvious that the student will do better in another class.

~Performance Experience & Opportunities~

Dance is a performing art, and Second Story wants students to experience the motivation and excitement of a realistic rehearsal and performance. Our Spring Program is a professionally executed stage production at a local school, creatively costumed with integrity. The goal of this program is to create a positive artistic experience that can be enjoyed by all. It is a special time for Second Story students and parents to come together as a community and share with friends and family the joy, creativity and courage of our students.

~Dance Class Etiquette~

Be on time and ready for class (dressed, hair fixed appropriately, have used the restroom, etc.)

Students should wait quietly in the lobby until the teacher opens the door and invites students into the dance space. 

Please bring a water bottle to class. Water is the only beverage allowed in the dance space. 

No gum or candy in class. Any food must be kept in the student dressing room. 

Students should never bring their cell phone into the dance space during class.

Students should abide by dress code. You will not be permitted to take class if you are dressed inappropriately or are unprepared. (*See Dress Code section below for more important info on this.)

No hanging, swinging, laying, leaning, or climbing on the barres.

No talking while the teacher is speaking. Please be attentive and respectful of everyone.

Practice being aware of your body language. It is important not to stand in class with crossed arms, sit down in the floor without being asked, yawn aloud, ask what time it is, leave the room without asking, roll your eyes, or demonstrate otherwise rude behavior.  All of this is an important part of practicing good dance etiquette, and will be greatly appreciated by everyone. 

Your best is all anyone can ask of you, or that you can ask of yourself. Listen carefully to your teacher’s instructions and finish all exercises to the best of your ability. We are all here to learn and improve together!

~ATTIRE / Dress Code ~

General Dress Guidelines for all Classes
- Must wear a cover up over leotards and tights
- NO STREET SHOES ALLOWED ON THE DANCE FLOOR. They pick up dirt, oil, and gum that transfers
   to our dance floor where we roll around. Also the suede becomes slick and causes the dancers to have
   less traction. However, dancers must wear street shoes when entering and exiting the building.
- No dance shoes worn in the parking lot.
- ALL STUDENT'S HAIR must be away from their faces, in a bun, pony tail or braids, depending on
   what class they are taking. (ex: ballet is always a bun) No loose pieces. NO exceptions.

- No bare mid-drifts

- No short shorts worn without tights underneath

- Form fitting and stretchy clothing ONLY (no jeans, dresses, etc)

Intro to Creative Dance, Creative Ballet and Pre-Ballet Classes
- Solid color leotard 
- Footless tights
- Short dance skirt OR form fitting and stretchy shorts 
- Pink ballet shoes 

- Hair in bun

ALL Ballet Classes
- Solid color leotard 
- Footless tights
- A short, sheer dance skirt only 
- Properly fitting pink leather or canvas ballet shoes (No slippers designed to look like ballet shoes) 
- Very important that the hair is pulled back into a bun or bun-braids! Otherwise it is impossible to
   learn basics such as spotting. 

Tap Classes
- Black, Mary Jane style, character shoes OR Oxford Style tap shoes
- PLEASE CHECK FOR LOOSE SCREWS BEFORE EACH CLASS because they will destroy the floor.  
- Solid leotard for girls / t-shirt for boys

- Form fitting and stretchy clothing ONLY for girls / loose athletic pants for boys

- Hair pulled up. No loose pieces.

Modern Dance Classes
- Bare feet, but a pair of "foot mittens" or "dance paws" are also nice to have for practicing turns 
- Footless tights
- Solid Leotards
- Form fitting and stretchy clothing ONLY  

- Hair in bun or braids

Jazz & Musical Theater Classes
- Footless tights
- Solid Leotards
- Form fitting and stretchy clothing ONLY 

- Hair in bun or bun braids 

Hip Hop Classes
- Loose Fitting Sweatpants or stretchy capris that cover down to at least below the knees. This is

   important for moves like knee-spins and floor slides to protect the skin.
- Only Form Fitting shirts that cover the stomach and lower back.  Baggy shirts can be worn as long as

   layered with a tight tank top, camisole or leotard underneath. We go upside down in hip hop class and

   if a fitted shirt is not worn, undergarments can become exposed easily. 
- High Top Dance Sneakers (Pastry is a good brand and can be found online at discountdance.com)
- ABSOLUTELY NO shorts, skirts, skorts, dresses.
- ABSOLUTELY NO bra tops, belly shirts or see-through shirts. 
- ABSOLUTELY NO bare feet. Sneakers MUST be worn for this class to protect the feet and knees.

We have a TRADE IN TRUNK for gently used dance shoes. Students may trade an outgrown pair for another or donate $5.00 for a pair.




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