​​​Second  Story Studio



What We Do

Second Story Studio is first and foremost a dance home for dancers looking for 

a comfortable and inspiring place to cultivate the imagination and grow strong, flexible bodies.
We provide quality dance training for a range of students, including those interested in balancing their serious interest in dance technique, improvisation and choreography with their pursuit of excellence in academics, music, theatre, or athletics.
We believe those activities enhance their dancing, and their outside activities are also enhanced by their dance training. 
As flexible as we are, we do require a commitment from our dancers in order to commit to their progress. 

Dance is an ideal way to develop coordination, awareness, rhythm and musicality.
Teachers at Second Story Studio promote uniqueness and foster true self-esteem rather than competition, prompting students to support one another in class.
We are interested in the mastery of technique, as well as the creativity that gives students greater access to their inner world, and guides them to explore the exciting world of movement and music, form, and tradition.
We believe that improvisation and choreography are an important aspect of the developing dancer.
We help students advance, avoiding bad habits that may result in injury, or be difficult to break later on, but not at the cost of self-esteem or the love of dance. One of the benefits of taking dance is learning to receive and implement constructive corrections. And at Second Story Studio, they are given with care.

Our approach
We present a fundamental approach to dance, expanding the dance vocabulary of our students, establishing proper alignment and safe practice before focusing on style or tricks. That includes holding off on forcing young dancers’ bodies into unnatural classical ballet positions before they have developed their natural expressive, dynamic movement.

Our teachers share the philosophy that a student will thrive in dance (or any endeavor) only if they love it. With that in mind, we nurture our students’ intrinsic desire to move and connect with others.
All students are invited to enrich their dance experience by participating in our Annual Spring Performance. Come see us, and discover the difference!

Second Story Studio presents an alternative approach to the typical dance “recital” experience. We produce a professional show every spring, with costumes are chosen to be age and context appropriate, and affordable.
Our annual performance is a celebration of our work, our gift to parents and friends, and a chance to see the dancers’ progress as individuals, and as groups, as they express their joy, intelligence, and creativity.