with Leslie Matthews [CYI, E-RYT 500]
JANUARY 13 thru MAY 19
Saturdays 9:00-10:15 am
(No classes on March 17th or March 24th)

Individual classes $16 with Full Session $160 (2 classes free)

Private Sessions available @ $80/hour ​or a session of 5 for $375
Please bring your own mat.

The more subtle and powerful aspects of Yoga practice are designed to give you even more profound health benefits
and greater control over the ever thinking mind.

There is an unchanging and eternal peace ​within each individual that can be accessed by learning to
quiet the mind through breath and asana.
This class places a strong emphasis on accessing ​and using the abdominal muscles for spinal stability
during asana and ​daily living.
​Modifications are offered for students ​that need them. 
This class does not do inversions

(headstand, handstand or shoulder stands).

If you use mat and eye pillows, please bring yours.


Leslie Matthews [CYI, RYT] created the dance program at Harpeth Hall School, where she still continues to teach Yoga.
Leslie created and served as artistic director of the Harpeth Hall Dance Companies for 23 years.
She is a two-time recipient of the prestigious Pencil Foundation Grant and received the first Outstanding Dance Educator Award from the Tennessee Association of Dance
​and the Owen Chair for Excellence in Teaching ​from Harpeth Hall School.
She has a 1,000 hour certification in Yoga from the Southern Institute for Yoga Instructors, is a Certified Yoga Instructor and is certified as an 
Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher-500 with the Yoga Alliance.
Leslie teaches "Gentle Yoga" in the Iyengar tradition and utilizes props and modifications for all levels to ​properly align the body for the asanas with focus on spinal stabilizers.
​Special attention is given to physical limitations and injuries.

The more subtle and powerful aspects of Yoga practice are designed to give you even more profound health benefits and greater control over the ever thinking mind.
​There is an unchanging and eternal peace within each individual that can be accessed by learning to quiet the mind through breath and asana. 


with Mary Thorstad
Mondays 9:30-10:45 am

First class FREE! ​

Drop-in $15 / 10-class series $120

Join Mary for Slow Flow Yoga with an emphasis on safely exploring the edges of your strength and flexibility.
Mary specializes in therapeutic exercise and injury prevention, giving expert attention to ​proper alignment and form.
In this Slow Flow Series you will enliven your core, strengthen your whole body, and access your full range of motion.
Enjoy mindful and rhythmic, breath-linked movement, to calm the mind and release tension that
​no longer serves the body, mind or spirit.


Mary is a physical therapist with a Ph. D. in Neurophysiology, specializing in movement disorders.
She has practiced yoga for over 20 years and studied with notable Iyengar teachers.
Most recently, Mary received in-depth yoga teacher training with Ganga White, founder of ​one of the first yoga studios in L.A., and Tracy Rich.

with Jen Hoeft
Sundays 4:00-5:00 pm
First class is always FREE!

Drop in= $15
10-class series = $120

Please bring your mat, towel and water.

It’s an hour of slowly breathing into your body with a natural flow of poses and pauses.
This sweet class is for “ending the weekend with honoring yourSelf.” 

Jen Hoeft is a 200+hr certified Iyengar-based flow teacher.
She combines her personal training eyes with her musical ears to connect to every BODY….
​Jen likes to “create a delicious soup” with her class…
combining a tasty foundation of being present in your breath… (that’s the broth),
​adding vegetables and spices… (the poses and adjustments)… and then increasing the heat with the flow...
finally melting into Svasana as we take the pot off the burner… YUMMY on so many levels.
No headstands, handstands or full backbends. Lots of planks, down-dogs and standing poses.
More info at www.jenhoeft.com.

4 class choices!

Dance, Yoga & Fitness

for Every Body


with Mary Thorstad
Wednesdays 9:30-10:45 am

First class FREE! 

Drop-in $20
5-class series $75 / 10-class series $120

Restorative Yoga is not about doing, but about being. It meets you wherever you are in your body and offers an
​opportunity for deep wellness. Restorative Yoga brings you to a state of deep relaxation, facilitating the release of 
undue muscle tension and stress.

Going about the daily business of our lives, stress can be held in our bodies, often without our awareness. 
Stress exacerbates high blood pressure and inflammation. If it is not released on a regular basis, stress inhibits our body's 
natural ability to heal. Rest and restoration require ​dedicated attention.
The quiet community of our small classes makes it easy to relax and release on a regular​ basis. Most yoga classes tend to
focus on powerful movement or static poses, ​requiring strenuous engagement of the muscles.
Restorative Yoga is a different experience. It is designed to facilitate a state of deep relaxation. Using supportive cushions,
blankets and other stabilizing yoga props, the body ​is supported 
in a series of yoga postures. With ease, gravity and the
movement of breath 
do the work of relaxing and opening ​the body.


I love nothing more than sharing the gift of Restorative Yoga! Consider giving yourself the gift of a personal restorative practice;
​you receive a home practice designed specifically for your needs, with the 10-class session.
- Mary